How to: Social Media

Being active on social media is an important way to let your members, supporters, and community know what your group is up to.

You never know who you can inspire just by posting about your human rights campaigning!

A little overview

BRANDING. Make sure you follow our Brand Hub when designing your group’s logos, Facebook banners, and other graphics!

START A DIALOGUE. Spark a conversation with your followers — create a content schedule for your social media posts and interact with them as much as you can. Stay on point and have relevant content. Try Tweetdeck to engage with your followers and to find users with similar interests.

ENGAGE. Make sure your content is dynamic—post interactive media like videos, pictures, and news.

Get Noticed

Need more visibility? Tag us in your posts so we can see your work! You can also use the hashtags #AmnestyAction, and #YouthPowerAction to show the global Amnesty community how your
group is defending human rights.

Connecting with Amnesty International Canada

Amnesty Canada

Stay updated on national and international events while connecting with other Amnesty members by joining our growing community on Facebook! Search for the group nearest to you, too — for example, the Amnesty International Toronto Organization and Amnesty International Saskatchewan have their own pages.

As a group, you should use Facebook to:
– Post links to online protests
– Create and promote events
– Post articles, pictures, and anything else that shows off your activism
– Livestream guest speakers or events
– Keep in contact with your other group members and coordinate your activities/discussions


Follow us on Instagram and start an account for your group, too. It’s perfect for sharing photos and videos of your group’s activities. Plus, the “stories” feature makes it easy to advertise your events and campaign work as it happens! Follow similar organizations on campus or in your city so they can see what you’re doing, too.


Check our Twitter for events happening across Canada as well as news and action opportunities. Retweet what we’re saying or tweet your own messages to support our campaigns and broadcast your activism. Use the hashtag #YouthPowerAction for a chance to be featured on our website!

Amnesty International Canada

If you need videos for presentations, tabling, or posting online, then visit our YouTube account. Set up a laptop at a group meeting or an event and share an educational clip on a human rights case or specific campaign you’re working on.

AI Canada (Flickr)

Our Flickr account is full of photos from events across Canada. Check them out and feel free to use them in your campaigning!

Amnesty SOS
Take action from your smartphone with Amnesty’s app! Have it open during tabling events so that other people can take action, too.


How about writing a blog on our website? We post about volunteer opportunities, great events for your age group, information on what Amnesty is up to, and more! It’s written for Amnesty’s youth and sometimes by Amnesty’s youth. If you’re interested in writing an article for our blog about something your group has done or is really passionate about, give us a shout at