Every year around December 10, Amnesty supporters send letters on behalf of people they’ve never met. Our messages help convince government officials to release people imprisoned for expressing their opinion, stop the use of torture, and end other human rights abuses. Letter writing has always been at the heart of Amnesty International’s work, and 59 years of activism shows us that words have power.

What is Write for Rights?


How do I join Write for Rights?


You can participate on your own, join an event — or you can host your own event! We’re here to help. If you have any questions, please contact the Write for Rights team at writeathon@amnesty.ca!

What is the main goal of Write for Rights?

The purpose of the Write for Rights is to mobilize millions of people around the world on International Human Rights Day, December 10th. The main goal is to use the power of letter-writing to influence world leaders to protect individuals or communities whose human rights have been denied.

Who can participate?

Everyone! You don’t need to have previous experience with human rights or Amnesty International to participate. Amnesty welcomes all those who are keen to keep shining the light on human rights. Whether you plan to participate as a letter-writer, event organizer, event attendee or donor, you’ll be making a difference.

How can I participate?

Choose one or more of these options:

Does letter-writing work?

Yes, it does! We’ve learned that it takes persistence. Some countries can be more responsive than others and some high profile prisoners of conscience face repeat arrests. You can check out some of our past cases and success stories here.

Who am I writing letters for?

Every year, Amnesty International identifies people and communities at risk of human rights abuses worldwide who urgently seek solidarity and justice. This year we’ve picked 10 cases where Canada-wide and global activism can make a huge difference, right now.

We write letters for the individuals and communities whose human rights are being abused. These letters are typically addressed to the state authorities who have power to end the human rights abuses at hand.

All the information that you need concerning case background, content, letter-writing, and address are available in the Resources page.

You can choose to write a letter on any, some, or even all of the Write for Rights cases.

Where do I find advice on writing my letters?

Check out our Resources Page!

Do I have to write on December 10th?

Most people are planning to write on December 10th to mark Human Rights Day. However, some events may take place earlier or later. We will be collecting letters until January 31st, 2022.

If I don’t register, can I still participate?

Of course! However, we strongly encourage you to register because it allows us to keep you in the loop, and helps us track the impact of participation across Canada! Registration is available online up until January 2021.

What language should I use to write my letters?

Write in any language in which you are fluent and feel most comfortable.

How many letters should I write?

We invite you to set your own letter-writing goal: one, five, ten or more letters. Each letter makes a difference, especially when we remember that thousands of people are also sending letters, emails and tweets. No matter what you have time for, be sure to report your numbers so yours can be added to the global total!

Can I keep writing letters for Amnesty after Write for Rights?

Absolutely! Thousands of Canadians are members of our Urgent Action Network. This dynamic network allows members to receive an appeal from Amnesty as frequently as they choose and on the type of human rights issues that interest them. For example, you could ask to receive one appeal per month for women at risk, about threats of torture or about the death penalty.


Where can I organize an event?

You can organize a virtual event, an event with your household or social bubble, or a socially distanced event. We’re always excited to hear about new events across Canada.

What kinds of resources are available to publicize an event?

Everything you need to publicize and organize your event can be downloaded from the Resources page.


Do I have to register my event online?

It is strongly preferred to register online. Your event will automatically be entered on our event website. It’s a great tool to help you organize and allows you to be linked with the all the other Write for Rights events.  

Registering for Write for Rights is your pledge to participate in the event. It also gives us an indication of how many people are planning on participating and how many letters were written during the campaign.

If you’re having troubles with online registration, just contact the team at writeathon@amnesty.ca. They’ll get you registered!


For more information or help:

Email writeathon@amnesty.ca

Call 1-800-AMNESTY (1-800-266-3789)

Amnesty International Canada
312 Laurier Ave E Ottawa, ON K1N 1H9