New Global Campaign: #WeDefend

Human rights defenders are people who stand up for justice and equality in sometimes extraordinary circumstances.

But they are under attack.

Around the world, brave people who take a stand are being undermined by smear campaigns, government surveillance, unjust imprisonment, and forced disappearance. Thousands have been killed.

We all want to live in a world where justice is possible and human rights are protected. But that is only possible if human rights defenders are protected. We must defend the defenders. They defend the rights of others, #WeDefend theirs.

In response to the disturbing trend of diminished space and security for those who defend human rights, on May 16, Amnesty is launching a new global campaign to empower Canadian activists, and youth in particular, to take actions in defence of human rights defenders. The campaign runs until the end of 2019.

This campaign is about us, the defenders. Together, #WeDefend. Together we can protect the rights of human rights defenders like Narges Mohammadi in Iran (pictured above) and land and water defenders in Central America.



LEARN MORE on our campaign website beginning May 16th.

STAND IN SOLIDARITY with land and water defenders in Central America.