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    An image showing a woman holding up a stop torture sign

    Torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment must stop. Those responsible for authorizing it must be held accountable.

    Business and Human Rights

    Ensuring that the practices of Big Business don't negatively impact the human rights of people in the regions in which they operate. 

    International Justice

    The campaign for International Justice demands truth, justice, and full reparations for victims of serious human rights violations.

    Indigenous Peoples

    Centuries of racism and dispossession have denied Indigenous Peoples all around the world the opportunity to enjoy their basic human rights.

    Refugees and Migrants

    Regardless of their status in a country, both regular and irregular migrants have human rights that need to be recognized and respected.

    Women's Human Rights

    Human rights are universal, however, access to those rights is not universal. Women face distinct barriers to realizing their rights because they are women.

    LGBTI Rights

    All people, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity should enjoy equal human rights.

    Arms Trade

    Nations must stop allowing the irresponsible transfer of arms used in serious human rights abuses and be made accountable to the international community.

    Security and Human Rights

    Government actions must conform with international human rights law including protections against torture, and arbitrary arrest and detention.

    Economic and Social Rights

    Social and economic rights are concerned with basic human needs—for food, shelter, water and for the means to provide those things for oneself.

    Death Penalty

    The death penalty is a violation of the right to life and the right not to be subject to cruel or inhumane treatment or punishment.

    Health and Human Rights

    Access to services and care needed to live a healthy life, but these rights are often violated through restrictions, lack of access, discrimination, and poor quality healthcare.

    International Human Rights Principles

    The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and subsequent International Conventions are the foundation of our international system of protection for human rights.